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Open Thread 56

Time for more open thread. In an interesting coincidence, Brian Dunning is here in Sydney to talk at TAM Australia, so I thought it would be interesting to go to the TAM fringe open mic night (tonight!) and talk about, oh, DDT.

Millionth comment party

Well, we didn’t have a fancy sign, on account of being on the other side of the world from Seed High Command, but people were able to find us by spotting the Scienceblogs mug. My brilliant plan to have the party in the Attic Bar because it would be fairly empty on a Wednesday night…

Sydney bloggers’ picnic

This Saturday, 1st April in the Royal Botanic Gardens from 1pm. We’ll be at the lawn to the east of the Main Pond. Tigtog has some pictures of the location.

Sydney bloggers’ picnic

On Saturday, I showed to a bloggers meet up organized by Suki and Susoz. Also attending were weez, Flashman, Morgan and tigtog. We decided that a bloggers’ picnic would be fun, so, if you’re in Sydney on Saturday April 1st, come to the Royal Botanical Gardens from 1pm. We’re spreading the picnic blankets on the…

Grogblogging 3

Flashman has declared Jan 28 to be Grogblogging 3 night. I plan to be there. In true blogging style, a controversy about the location has already broken out.

Grogblogging 2

I went to a get together for bloggers in Sydney last night. Writing more about it than I am are Fulmination Dave, Leigh Cartwright, Bourbonbird, an-open-mind, the bed and breakfast man, Misha, Dreadnought and Glen Fuller. Of particular note is Dreadnought’s account of having to leave after a few minutes because the venue insisted that…


Darp and Jess organized a get together of bloggers in Sydney last Friday. I wandered along and, well, there were a lot of people there. Despite having been to two previous such gatherings, the only bloggers I had met before were Jason Soon and c8to. I’m too lazy to link to everybody so I’m going…