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On the DDOS attack on Scienceblogs

Scienceblogs management informs me: Let me apologize again for the problems that many of you and your readers are experiencing. The attack is ongoing, originating from Turkey and Qatar, and until it stops, Rackspace must block IP ranges in order for the site to be accessible to anyone. They are also unwilling to manually unblock…

4,000,000 visits

Sitemeter says there have been 4,000,000 visits to this blog. My thanks to everyone who has dropped by.

Ooh, I’m in a webcomic

Such shameless fishing for links by Ataraxia Theatre will not go unrewarded.

Eureka’s Top 30 Science Blogs

If they are going to include my blog on their list of the top 30 science blogs, I can’t help but link to them. There are some good blogs on their list which is only marred by the inclusion of Anthony Watts’ anti-science blog.

Free publicity from Andrew Bolt

Andrew Bolt is giving our little panel at the Sydney Writer’s Festival some free publicity, describing it as “That baaing sound of writers debating” and as an “ABC-style “debate””. Which is odd, because he’s on the ABC all the time and this panel is Bolt-free. And while I was turning over the rocks at Bolt’s…

Sydney Writers’ Festival 2009: Stories from the Climate Change Front: A Forum and Launch of Overland 195 Saturday, May 23 2009 15:00 – 16:00 David Spratt, co-author of Climate Code Red, Dr Sharon Beder, author of Global Spin: The Corporate Assault on Environmentalism, and Deltoid science blogger Tim Lambert discuss the state of the climate…

Interviewed on The Reef Tank

Like several other bloggers here (e.g. Coby Beck), I have been interviewed by The Reef Tank.

One blog to rule them all

As promised a little while ago, I’ve copied everything here and shut down the old blog. I’ve set up redirects so links to the old blog end up at the right place. Links to Deltoid 0.0, using straight html, which looked like this, Deltoid 1.0, using Blosxom, Deltoid 2.0, using WordPress, and…


It seems like only yesterday we got to 10,000 comments and now John Mashey has posted the 50,000th comment, with more content than most blog posts. And here’s his acceptance speech: Thanks to all. I always hoped my efforts would be rewarded, although I never expected this! CafePress is HQ’d about 20 miles away, although…

Almost 50,000 comments…

There are less than 100 comments to go before we reach 50,000 comments here at Deltoid. The tradition around here is for some sort of award, so if you are number 50,000 and you include a valid email address you will a prize something like this.