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ScienceBlogs upgrade

ScienceBlogs is upgrading to Movable Type 4. During the upgrade process there will be no new posts or comments. Everything is supposed to be back to normal in 36 hours. What could possibly go rong? Update: And we’re back…

Robert Grumbine has started a blog

Check it out.

They write poems about me

There seems to have been an outbreak of poetry about me from Right Wing Death Poets (RWDPs). Tim Blair: He was a hero to the blogosphere Across this wide brown land Tim Lambert of With his clue stick in his hand

Eli Rabett has written a how-to guide for climate trolls. If you think of some troll tactics that he missed, add them in comments.

Banning Trolls

I don’t like banning people from commenting here. To make sure this is transparent I keep a list here of everyone who is banned. Inspired by the example of John Quiggin, I’ve added a third name to the list, the poster who calls himself “Reality Check”. Incidently, if you’ve missed the writings of JC (Joe…

2,000,000 visits

The two millionth visitor here came from California State University, Sacramento. My thanks to everyone who has dropped by.

On trolls

Tanta writes: I cannot make anyone stop responding to pointless or nuisance comments. You have to want to restrain yourself, because you understand that the only way to get rid of them is to fail to give them the attention they want. A “troll” is not just someone whose comments you disagree with, or even…

Overington tries to bully blogger

I don’t know whether it’s that the Australian just hires journalists with really thin skins or that the water there contains some skin thinning chemical, but they always seem to overreact to criticism. The latest is from Caroline please preference Malcolm Overington. You see, Gam blogged about Overington’s “only joking” endorsement of Malcolm Turnbull with…

Junkscience endorses Climate Audit

Steve Milloy‘s Junk Science has now endorsed Climate Audit in the Weblog Awards, telling readers to vote for Climate Audit instead of JunkScience. I know that the we shouldn’t take the awards seriously, but other people will. Phil Plait’s Bad Astronomy is a much better science blog and the best chance for beating them. Please…

Weblog awards

I don’t like the way the Weblog awards are decided. Because you can vote once per day per computer you have access to, to win bloggers need to post every day and shamelessly exhort their readers to vote. This felt wrong to me, so when I was a finalist in 2005 and 2006 I ignored…