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This is an open thread (and your last chance to get into the 500,000th comment contest).

Welcome new science bloggers

Say hello to two new to ScienceBlogs bloggers, Coby Beck, of How to Talk to a Climate Skeptic fame, and Science Woman who writes about balancing family and an academic career.

Delurk and win!

Scienceblogs is running a contest where you can win a five-day trip for two to one of the world’s greatest science cities. All you have to do to enter is post a comment one of the blogs here. So if you just read my blog without commenting, this post is your chance to delurk and…

Top 5 Top 100 Australian blog lists

Here are the top 5 lists of the top Australian blogs: Rank From Method 1 Janette Toral Blog Juice 2 Technorati + Feedburner + Google Rank 3 Craig Harper Technorati 4 Meg Tsiamis Technorati + Alexa 5 links counted by Yahoo Ranking of the lists was done by a completely objective criterion —…

Deltoid on Facebook

I must follow the fashion here at Scienceblogs, so there is now a group for Deltoid readers on Facebook.

Chris and Mark Hoofnagle’s denialism blog has joined ScienceBlogs. Check out Mark’s post on the Unified theory of the crank. Sound like anyone we know?


A kill file is a feature of most Usenet news readers that allowed to permanently discard all posts from a particular user without even having to look at them. A couple of my readers have asked about a kill file for comments here. Daniel Martin has a script that provides a kill file. You need…

Blogger Rap

Mrs Deltoid wrote the following and told me that I had to post it on my blog. I’m not sure who it is directed at.

Top 100 Australian blogs

Craig Harper has created a list of the top 100 Australian blogs based on Technorati rankings (which are based on the number of blogs that link to you). It’s in his right side bar near the bottom. Of course that are lots of other ways to rank blogs, so Meg has re-ordered it using Alexa…

I join the vlogging craze

I cannot resist responding to Scott McLemee vlogging his watching of Ann Althouse vlogging her watching of American Idol.