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March 2013 Open Thread

Sorry it’s late, I blame the carbon tax!

February 2013 Open Thread

Do you think the alarmists who predicted doom because of the carbon tax will shut up?

Brangelina thread

By popular request, Brad Keyes is only permitted to post in this thread.

January 2013 Open Thread

Australia makes into 2013 in good shape despite the carbon tax. How can this be?

December 2012 Open Thread

Despite carbon tax, Australia is still not in the Stone Age.

November 2012 Open Thread

It’s a new month!

October 2012 Open Thread

More thread.

September 2012 Open Thread

Time for more thread.

August 2012 Open Thread

Still here. It seems the carbon tax has not destroyed the Australian economy. Phew!

July 2012 Open Thread

Phew, looks the carbon tax has not returned Australia to the Stone Age.