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Open Thread 61

Time for a new open thread.

Open Thread 60

Time for a new thread.

Open Thread 59

Way past time for another open thread

Open Thread 58

Past time for more thread.

Open Thread 57

Time for a new open thread

sunspot thread

By popular request sunspot has his/her own thread. This is the only thread that sunspot can post to, and all replies to any comment to sunspot should go here.

Open Thread 56

Time for more open thread. In an interesting coincidence, Brian Dunning is here in Sydney to talk at TAM Australia, so I thought it would be interesting to go to the TAM fringe open mic night (tonight!) and talk about, oh, DDT.

Open Thread 55

Time for more thread

Open Thread 54

Time for another open thread.

Open Thread 53

More open thread for everyone!