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It was twenty five years ago today

She’s still just as adorable twenty five years later:

My back yard

I guess if the wind is going to blow the big tree in my back yard down, I should be grateful that it fell in the direction that minimized the damage — only the fence and our clothesline were crushed.

Anzac Day

This is a picture of Amy Ingram, my grandmother’s sister in 1918 wearing an AIF uniform. Presumably it belongs to their brother Robert who served on the Western Front.

Patrick Humphries of Watson’s Bay

I was looking through my grandmother’s scrapbooks and found this picture of her grandfather — he’s the one standing (click to enlarge). I found the history of the lifeboat he is on:

Christmas at Deltoid

Best wishes to my readers. Hope you get some nice presents!

Robot sumo

Here’s a cool video of my first year class in Engineering Design. One of their projects is to build and program a Lego robot to compete in robot sumo…

Get well soon, Tim

Tim Blair has cancer. He says that the prognosis is good, but he’s having major abdominal surgery next week. He has my best wishes and hopes for a speedy recovery.

Christmas at Deltoid

This was taken on Christmas Eve at the local seafood store. They were very busy inside. Hope you all had a nice time!

Surprise metric conversion question

I’m with Silas down at Coogee Beach. There’s an alcohol ban in the park behind the beach so the rummies hang out at the bus shelter next to the park. There’s a bench seat around the side of the shelter where they can sit without getting in the way of the people waiting for the…

Silas to the rescue!

There was a sales person at my front door. The conversation went like this: SP: Are you interested in getting Foxtel? Me: No. SP: Well, [he’s about to launch into his sales pitch, but then he notices Silas] That’s a really big dog. Me: Yes. SP: OK, bye.