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A Nerd’s Progress

Shelley does the call as the nerds strut their stuff… And declares a winner: Although, without further ado, Mark Chu-Carrol hands-down wins the nerd-off (in my humble opinion of course). For one, his CURRENT picture trumps PZ’s old one, and he reads programming language books for fun and has 30 tinwhistles which he plays. Come…


Janet declared a nerd-off, so I must join the throng. Here is a colour-coded table of SciBloggers results in the Nerd test. Nerd Score SciBlogger 99 Nerd God Mark C. Chu-Carroll 99 Nerd God Tim Lambert 99 Nerd God Shelley Batts 99 Nerd God PZ Myers 99 Nerd God afarensis, FCD 99 Nerd God Orac…

Friday Night Dog-Blogging

Chad’s put up a dog blogging post, so here’s Silas in Centennial Park with a bunch of other dogs. (Silas is the one whose butt is closest to us.) The pavilion in the background marks the site where the six colonies joined together and created the Commonwealth of Australia.

Sunday dolphin blogging

We were out walking the dog at Malabar Bay and saw some dolphins. They’re not an unusual sight in the ocean off Sydney but I’ve never seen them this close before — you could almost reach out and touch them. There were about a dozen of them and they were splashing around for about half…

Sydney Bloggers picnic

There were some ominous black clouds and it was pretty windy and I had to take my youngest to the doctor because he was throwing up all over the place, but I made it to the picnic, even if it was somewhat late. The sun came out, we were sheltered from the wind, and we…

Botany Bay, Friday evening

What could be more science bloggy than a place with a science in its name? So here’s Silas and Justin in Botany Bay.

Christmas dog blogging

Here’s Silas with his Christmas present. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all my readers. Blogging is likely to be light to non-existent this week because I’ll be in Perisher on holidays. It’s a National Park so poor Silas can’t come and has to stay home with the house sitter.

Anniversary Wishes

Thanks to everyone who sent congratulations on my 20th wedding anniversary. The traditional gift is china, but Tim Blair sent a flame: Look up “Oh my God I’ve married an obsessive shrieking hypocrite!” and you’ll see a picture of Lambert’s wife.

It was twenty years ago today

Love you Carmen.

Saturday Dog Blogging

A beautiful sunny winter’s day today so I took some pictures on a walk with my dog.