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41st Skeptics Circle

Interverbal has put together the 41st Skeptics circle.

40th Skeptics’ Circle

Yes, it’s out. Get all your sceptical blogging over at Daylight Atheism.

Skeptic’s Circle 39

Mike has a Scooby Doo theme for Skeptic’s Circle 39.

38th Skeptics’ Circle

LBBP has put together the 38th Skeptics’ Circle.

Autism Diva has compiled the 37th Meeting of the Skeptics’ Circle. It’s set in the Bermuda Triangle (Elvis needs boats!).

Skeptics Circle

Dr Charles has compiled the 36th Skeptic’s Circle.

35th Skeptic’s Circle

Skeptico got a creationist guest blogger to put together the 35th Skeptics’ Circle. Check it out.

34th Skeptics’ Circle

It’s a gem of a Skeptic’s Circle over at Second Sight. Check it out.

33rd Skeptic’s Circle

Your 33rd Skeptics Circle has been compiled by coturnix. Now with added abstract!

32nd Skeptics’ Circle

All kinds of interesting posts at the Skeptics’ Circle number 32.