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Monckton Lambert debate on A-Pac

Looks like they are going to show video of the debate at Saturday 11.22pm AEDT, and Sunday 3.39pm 10.01pm AEDT on A-PAC. You can watch here.

Happy New Year

Greetings from 2010. Here is a picture I just took of Sydney’s fireworks.

Merry Christmas

Here at Deltoid world headquarters we built a gingerbread ruin. Pictures below the fold.

Open Thread 37

Time for a new open thread.

Open Thread 35

Time for some more open thread.

Bidrivals is evil

I’ve noticed ads for Bidrivals appearing here. This is an auction site that is basically a Swoopo clone and seems to be just as efficient at separating bidders from their money. Read Jonah Lehrer if you haven’t heard of Swoopo.

Sydney or Mars?

The sky from my front yard this morning. More pictures.

Quark Expeditions is running a contest to become the official blogger on a an Antarctic voyage. ScienceBlog’s GrrlScientist (Devorah Bennu) wants to go. I think her writing is better and more interesting than the other leading contenders, so I’m asking you to vote for her. (Voting requires you to register an email address. I did…

Margaret Cascadden

I’ve been looking through old photos that belonged to my grandmother and I really liked this one. (Click to enlarge). This picture was unlabeled, but there is another picture of (I think) the same woman and it’s labelled as Margaret Cascadden in Katoomba in 1927. I think she was a friend of my grandmother. I…

Followers of the Way

Carmen writes about a cult: It’s adherents called themselves followers of the Way. It was lead by a charismatic leader who was a faith healer and miracle worker who claimed to be of divine origin and who said his words and actions were directed by God. He said he was chosen before the beginning of…