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September 2013 Open Thread

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August 2013 Open thread

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July 2013 Open thread

June 2013 Open thread

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May 2013 Open thread

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March 2013 Open Thread

Sorry it’s late, I blame the carbon tax!

February 2013 Open Thread

Do you think the alarmists who predicted doom because of the carbon tax will shut up?

Brangelina thread

By popular request, Brad Keyes is only permitted to post in this thread.

Matt Ridley’s first response to my post about his failed prediction was denial: I did not write for the Globe and Mail in 1993 let alone about climate! Then he moved onto stage 3, bargaining: global av temp (ignoring pinatubo drop) is about 0.2C above 1991 level after 22 yrs – so I was spot…