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April 2012 Open thread

More thread.

March 2012 Open Thread

Wegman Heartland update

John Mashey, in comments writes: It has been a busy week or so, with more to come. 1) See Fakery, p.3 and p.12. In ~2009, Heartland+SEPP+CSCDGC got ~$8M. The other 9 on p.3 got ~$39M.The additional 36 501(c)(3) on p.12 added another $283M. Now, only some of that is for climate disinformation, but some of…

Over at the Monthly, Robert Manne writes about Monckton’s plan for a super-rich person to establish a Fox News for Australia. I thought we already had that in the Australian.

February 2012 Open Thread

More fraud from Pat Michaels

Pat Michaels is infamous for his fraudulent graph presented to Congress in 1998. Dana Nuccitelli at Skeptical Science details some more fraudulent graphs from Michaels.

Whenever we had bean salad, my Dad would always ask “What’s that?” When told what it was, he would say “Don’t tell me what it’s been, tell me what it is now!” That’s a Dad joke. The defining properties of a Dad joke are that it is not funny and that Dad keeps repeating it.…

January 2012 Open Thread

The Australian finally publishes Mike Sandiford’s correction of the false claims from Plimer that The Australian published two weeks earlier: Deliberately misrepresenting data or making it up is just not on. Here’s an example. In a section from his new book, How To Get Expelled from School, as reprinted in The Weekend Australian recently, Plimer…

Merry Christmas

Best wishes to all my readers. A more successful gingerbread house than last time.