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November 2012 Open Thread

It’s a new month!

Yale Environment 360 has damaged its credibility by publishing a piece by Fred Pearce claiming: When Rachel Carson’s sound case against the mass application of DDT as an agricultural pesticide morphed into blanket opposition to much smaller indoor applications to fight malaria, it arguably resulted in millions of deaths as the diseases resurged. But the…

October 2012 Open Thread

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Shameless self-promotion

Nominate Tim for a Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Teaching and Supervision Excellence.

September 2012 Open Thread

Time for more thread.

August 2012 Open Thread

Still here. It seems the carbon tax has not destroyed the Australian economy. Phew!

Watch Peter Sinclair’s latest video:

Nick Ross writes: The Australian’s technology coverage (in print) is a mixed bag in that it has some of the very best technology writers in the country but their section’s reputation gets tainted by almost-incessant, poisonous beat-ups of the National Broadband Network coming from elsewhere on the masthead. These have done it few favours in…

July 2012 Open Thread

Phew, looks the carbon tax has not returned Australia to the Stone Age.

June 2012 Open Thread

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