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Monckton and the Mob

Gareth Renowden tells the story of Monckton and the Mob.

Monckton debunks Monckton

Peter Hadfield dissects Monckton’s response to Hadfield’s demolition of Monckton’s claims about climate science. Hadfield coins the term “Monckton maneuver” to describe Monckton’s tactic of changing his position when shown to be wrong and pretending that his position hasn’t changed.

Hamster Wheel interviews Monckton

Here it is — the interview that Monckton declared showed that the ABC supported fascism.

Monckton on TV in New Zealand

Monckton sure didn’t like it when the reporter brought John Abraham’s dissection. Monckton yet again claimed that he is about to sue Abraham.

Graham Readfearn writes about how Monckton is threatening the sue the ABC because he didn’t like Wendy Carlisle’s Background Briefing episode. This isn’t really that interesting, Monckton has also threatened to sue Al Gore, John Abraham, Scott Mandia, The Guardian, as well threatening to jail Rajendra Pachauri for fraud. None of these threats materialised. No,…

After The House of Lords wrote to Monckton telling him that he should not claim to be a member, Monckton kept doing it. So now The House of Lords has written an open letter to Monckton: My predecessor, Sir Michael Pownall, wrote to you on 21 July 2010, and again on 30 July 2010, asking…

Christopher Monckton was so annoying when interviewed by Adam Spencer that Spencer hung up on him before finishing the interview later on. The Australian was so impressed by Monckton’s performance that they posted a partial transcript. Moth at New Anthropocene corrects many of Monckton’s misrepresentations, so I’ll just cover what was in the transcript posted…

Monckton uses a sock puppet

The Climate Science Rapid Response Team received a verbose query from Abu Ali Al-Hussain who oddly enough, sounded exactly like Christopher Monckton. I liked this bit from Monckton’s sock: The IPCC has been making long-term predictions of future climate states on the basis of modeling: yet its 2001 Third Assessment Report says that the climate…

potholer54 on Monckton

This video by potholer54 demolishing Monckton’s claims about climate sensitivity is very good, and not just because I’m in it. Also worth a look is his video where Monckton is refuted by … Monckton himself.

Monckton Myths

Christopher Monckton is notable for the way he gets the science wrong over and over again. So the folks at Skeptical Science have created a handy resource listing the arguments he commonly uses and the refutations. Monckton is in the news again, going to court to try to get prevent a documentary about him from…