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Fred Pearce is going down the David Rose road publishing fabricated quotes. Gavin Schmidt in a letter to New Scientist (so far unpublished there) writes: In the piece entitled “Climate sceptics and scientists attempt peace deal” Fred Pearce includes a statement about me that is patently untrue. “But the leaders of mainstream climate science turned…

McKitrick at it again

I don’t think I need to add much to Deep Climate’s dissection of McKitrick’s claims that one of his papers has been unfairly rejected, so I’ll just make three quick points. McKitrick claims: There was some excitement when a blogger found a minor error in our computer code (we had released the code at the…

Gavin Schmidt has done a wonderful job at RealClimate patiently explaining the context of the stolen emails. He’s made it perfectly clear that the claims of scientific malpractice are without foundation. He must be doing a really good job, because the Competitive Enterprise Institute intends to sue him. [CEI seeks documents] relating to the content,…

Plimer’s bluff called

I think the purpose of Plimer’s strange questions was to give himself a pretext to avoid answering Monbiot’s questions, but Gavin Schmidt has countered this ploy by addressing Plimer’s questions at RealClimate.

Gavin Schmidt has caught Christopher Monckton in yet another fabrication. Monckton published graphs that purport to show that temperatures and CO2 concentrations haven’t followed IPCC projections, but the IPCC projections Monckton plots are fictional. Schmidt graphs the actual projections, and surprise, surprise they give a very different picture. And in comments there, Igor Samoylenko writes