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Sunrise on Ringworld

You may recall Ken Ring, who gave us this gem: CO2 is also nearly twice as heavy as air (molecular weight 44, that of air 29) so it cannot rise anywhere beyond haze level of a couple of hundred feet. Now Channel Seven’s Sunrise has done its viewers a disservice by having Ken Ring on…

CSIRO’s ECOS magazine has published an article on climate blogging by Graeme Readfern. Featured are Deltoid, Skeptical Science and Climate Shifts. Hat tip: Ove Hoegh-Guldberg.

The Australian‘s War on Science 41

Despite her training in law, Janet Albrechtsen was not able to figure out that the Copenhagen treaty wasn’t going to impose a COMMUNIST WORLD GOVERNMENT, so you just know that she has no chance in hell of understanding a scientific question. Albrechtsen claims that it is a “fact” that “Sea levels have remained constant for…