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More fraud from Pat Michaels

Pat Michaels is infamous for his fraudulent graph presented to Congress in 1998. Dana Nuccitelli at Skeptical Science details some more fraudulent graphs from Michaels.

Australia’s CIS (Centre for Independent Studies) has been promoting greenhouse denial and delay for a decade. Last year their “Big Ideas” forum featured some classic denialism from Arthur Herman. This year, on Monday 10 August in Sydney we have: Enemies of Progress? Cute title. Maybe I should have used “Enemies of Science?” as the title…

A Taxonomy of Delusion

John Quiggin categorizes those that reject climate science into Tribalists, Ideologists, Hacks and sufferers of Emeritus disease. Speaking of hacks, Bob Burton has discovered some more about Pat Michaels funding: [New Hope Environmental Services], which he wholly owns, describes itself as “an advocacy science consulting firm.” These days, New Hope’s main activities are publishing the…