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Unwinding “Hide the Decline”

Peter Sinclair’s latest video is on the many mispresentations of “hide the decline”.

Art Robinson interviewed

Art Robinson, of Oregon Petition fame is running for Congress. Peter Sinclair has Robinson’s interview by Rachel Maddow. Robinson comes across as more than a little nutty — rather than elaborate on his views on hormesis (radioctive waste is good for you!) he just insisted that quotes from his own writing were lies in some…

The “CO2 is Plant Food” Crock

Peter Sinclair’s latest video is on the “CO2 is plant food” crock.

Peter Sinclair’s latest video is a wrap on the stolen CRU emails

Peter Sinclair is locked in a close struggle in online voting for a $5000 grant that he can use to improve the quality of his Climate Denial Crock videos. If you’ve watched any of his videos here, please vote for him. You have to register, but it only takes a few seconds. Saturday, May 15…

Peter Sinclair’s latest video continues on with Christopher Monckton. I’m in this one!

Climate Denial Crock on Monckton

Peter Sinclair‘s latest video is on Christopher Monckton:

Flogging the scientists

Peter Sinclair‘s latest video, debunking the “no global warming for 15 years” and “sea levels are not rising” memes:

Via Skeptical Science, Peter Sinclair’s video on the evidence for man-made global warming.

Anthony Watts’ abuse of the DMCA

When Peter Sinclair made Anthony Watts the subject of his “Climate Crock of the week” video, Watts response was to attempt to suppress the criticism by making a bogus copyright claim against the video. Naturally this hasn’t worked, with Desmogblog reposting the video. Better see it in case Watts tries again. Also of interest is…