I can’t resist, Adams thinks he has a real winner with this study’s null results on vitamin C & E. As we’ve shown, Newstarget’s claims of the medical benefits shown in this study reflect, a poor understanding of p values, and a willingness to ignore data showing increased risks from beta-carotene. However, convinced of an AMA conspiracy against natural substances by the disease-mongering and drug loving media, he continues to misrepresent the findings of the study.

Today, NewsTarget announces a grassroots action campaign to demand retractions, corrections or clarifications from major media outlets — Fox News, ABC News, CNN, Reuters, WebMD and more — all of which printed incorrect, incomplete or misleading statements concerning the results of an antioxidant study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine.

The study clearly showed that women who took vitamins E and C experienced a statistically significant and rather remarkable reduction in risk of heart attacks (22 percent reduction), strokes (31 percent reduction) and other cardiovascular events.

I’ll remind you, the p values on those three events were 0.11, 0.04 (actually significant) and 0.55 (9% decrease in overall CVD events is what he’s alluding too) respectively. Also remember they showed a 48% increased risk of cardiovascular mortality [p=0.02] with beta-carotene, a finding that Adams and Newstarget have happily ignored or misrepresented in each article. While crying foul the media hasn’t even read the study, he makes it clear he hasn’t read (or understood) the study.

So, hooray for Mike Adams! Fight the good fight! Demand the media stop reporting the authors findings and instead report your misrepresentations!


  1. #1 ordinarygirl
    August 16, 2007

    That title made me laugh out loud at my desk.

  2. #2 Jimmy
    August 16, 2007

    Why, did your desk tell a joke?

    (ba dum dum)

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