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More Kirby nonsense

Just a quick note—check out Ames’s live blogging of David Kirby’s appearance in New York. The talk contains some of the usual gems, and also a few surprises, such as (if reported correctly) that homosexuals are sick but can’t admit it.

Canada rocks!

I’ve just returned from one of the world’s great treasures, Algonquin Provincial Park, in Ontario, Canada. I have very little skepticism to offer—sure, I could talk about Park management, the Master Plan, logging, First Nations, etc. but then I’d lose an opportunity to share some of the natural beauty and some of the medical highlights.…

I wonder whether the Heller decision is broad enough to give me an individual right to own a poop gun, AKA, the “Brown Note.”

We Can Haz HandCannon!

Mark, I find your post on DC v. Heller lacking in enthusiasm. It is not often that our Supreme Court finds a new constitutional right (except when big business wants more rights). We should celebrate this, thing–the Second Amendment. It must be important, right, since it becomes before the Third and Fourth! We should exercise…

What good is scienceblogging?

What Chad said. Fastest post ever.

I must admit I’m a bit surprised to see the Supreme Court overturning the handgun ban (full ruling – PDF). I thought the court would have to take the position that gun ownership may be a right but one in which the state had enough of a compelling interest to regulate that bans like DC’s…

This is fun. Someone’s created a new NNDB mapper on the Discovery Institute. It’s called Theocracy Now!

How to Become a Cult Leader

The hat tip has to go to that self-love-fest, BoingBoing…nevertheless, this is a masterpiece.

Ham, Get on Message!

Jon Hurdle reports in today’s Times on nine Philadelphia-based institutions that are planning a “Year of Evolution” program for February 2009, to celebrate Charles Darwin and the 150th anniversary of The Origin of Species. Check out the comments of Ken Ham, which I think are totally off message: Ken Ham, the president of the Creation…

Surprisingly, it’s not due to the horribly misguided abstinence education nonsense. In fact, I can’t even begin to wrap my mind around this one. As summer vacation begins, 17 girls at Gloucester High School are expecting babies–more than four times the number of pregnancies the 1,200-student school had last year. Some adults dismissed the statistic…