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Blogging on the Brain: 1/22

Gyorgy Buzsaki, author of “Rhythms of the Brain,” agreed to answer 10 questions posed by me and amnestic at GNXP. Covers computational modeling, 1/f noise, cortical homogeneity, and much more.

A steeper forgetting curve among those with a college education?

Imaging the neural representation of number. (Also at Neuromarketing.)

Goal representation in hippocampus!?! Can anybody explain this one?

PsychCentral covers recent reports that video games may be good for “mental well-being.”

Microsoft researcher presents on Brain Computer Interfaces.

Progress on Brain Computer Interface technology from the University of Pennsylvania.

Evidence accumulates for the efficacy of cognitive skills training.

From Descartes to Woody Allen: the Mystery of Consciousness.

Looking for longer but seeing less: a different kind of speed/accuracy tradeoff.

Neural and genetic contributions to the Waggle dance of the bees.

Alex the Grey Parrot shows the capacity for recursive symbol construction.

Babel’s Dawn reviews evidence suggesting that language evolved due to human altriciality.


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