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Blogging on the Brain: 6/26

The best from recent cognitive/brain blogs:

Suspect someone’s lying to you? Ask for the story in reverse order. Psyblog also has some suggestions.

A sober look at mind-reading fMRI pattern classification techniques over at Mind Hacks.

Nabokovian reviews a new computational model of short term memory, using a recurrent network.

What’s all the hooplah about embodied cognition? Why do some believe that bodies in particular are important for mind? MoaP explains a new spin on the classic mind-body “problem.”

The Reasoner: a monthly digest of new research on research in cognitive science, philosophy, AI, statistics, law, and anywhere “reasoning” comes up. I should hope that’s all of science…

How to filter and read pubmed articles through RSS feeds. This has revolutionized the way I find papers.

Researchers at the University of Vienna think that dogs are as smart as 14 month olds. Hmmmm….

Can you patent a method of creating life?

Don’t pick on “traditional medicine” – you might get in trouble with Oxford University.

The confirmation bias in perception of the risks of nanotechnology. Think what you like, but you have to admit that nanotech is cool stuff: check out this video of the cutting-edge.

An interesting interview with a computational vision researcher and his solution to the problem of face recognition.

A role for neuronal inhibition in the “integration operations” of working memory.

Finally, David Chalmers and John Horgan talk about consciousness in this video blog.

Top ten ways to become a cyborg, DIY style!

A robot zoo! via Intelligent Machines

Wowwee Toys, darlings of roboticists everywhere, have a new robotic toy: the robopanda.

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