Developing Intelligence

Blogging on the Brain (Finally!)

Refining the Turing Test: If it looks like a human, plays like a human, fights like a human, it’s probably a ….

Using your own child in developmental research: An ethical issue?

Mice, math and drugs: On science without understanding. How much will new data mining techniques subvert the scientific method?

Distortions in Introspection: Do our intuitive assessments of our own abilities actually only reflect our mood?

Clandestine Manufacture of MDMA (see comments section). The take-home for me: detached analysis of MDMA’s therapeutic potential is complicated by the schism between the overly-optimistic tone of the press, and the worry of those responsible for overseeing clinical trials.

How Asch’s conformity experiments relate to the current economic crisis.

Are toddlers incapable of learning from TV?

A new addition to the hippocampal ensemble for tracking environmental geometry: border cells

Why Men Are More Intelligent Than Women (?): Height, intelligence and sex

Correcting an error about dopamine signalling

Behavioral Economics is Bogus: Compressed Scaling of Numerical Information in Prefrontal Cortex

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