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Archives for December, 2006

When two different people sent me this link, I realized that it had to be shared. The Eye of Science gallery has all kinds of pictures taken by microscopists. I am a great fan of microscopic crystals. Here are crystals of every shape and kind – with some lovely views of snowflakes. Plus, there are…

This is multipart series on antibiotic resistance in bacteria. Check out the previous bits: 1. A primer on antibiotic resistance 2. Natural vs. synthetic drugs Eventually, we’ll reach the ways in which bacteria develop antibiotic resistance, but before we get there, we’ll spend a little more time on antibiotics themselves.

In case you missed it, the December edition of Animalcules is posted at Aetiology. Look for lots of enjoyable reading about our invisible friends.

Bacteria can cause other epidemics, why not obesity? Is there a relationship between our body weight and our bacterial inhabitants?

Yes, indeed the DVDs are now available on a first-come, first serve basis. The NSTA has a link to the DVD giveaway page. And the NABT (National Association of Biology Teachers) has written about it, too. From the NABT:

Her name is Flora and she is a single parent. Born in Miami, Flora moved to Chester, UK, as a toddler. Now, she’s almost 8 years old and starting a family, all on her own. Literally.

Laurie David claims that National Science Teachers’ Association (the NSTA) is inconveniently hooked up with big oil because they won’t spend the money to send out 50,000 copies of the “An Inconvenient Truth” DVD. If I do the math and estimate that it costs $4 to mail each DVD, that includes packaging, mailing, the costs…

Five Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor (dubbed the Tripoli six) may be executed soon by the Libyan government for the crime of deliberately infecting over 400 children with HIV. If they did infect the children, this would be a horrendous crime. If they did not infect the children, it’s the Libyan government that will…

In which I present a quick guide for the omically challenged and a defense of ‘arth and “ome.”