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Archives for August, 2007

Many medical conditions today are treated but never cured. Imagine, a child with a genetic disease like juvenile diabetes or hemophilia. This child will be taking expensive medications for their entire lives. In the case of some diseases the cost of the medications might be more than child or their parents can ever hope to…

Last Friday, we had another in the series of weird DNA structures. (You can see the first here). I asked the audience to identify the unusual feature in this molecule. Here’s the first picture: tags: DNA structure, DNA , molecular structure, biochemistry Here’s the answer:

What do malaria, sleeping sickness, yellow fever, and dengue virus have in common? Sure, they’re all tropical diseases, but there’s something else. All of these diseases have some kind of insect vector. image from the Public Health Library tags: tropical disease, yellow fever, sleeping sickness, insect control, malaria

Drug Monkey has an interesting take on an article that I wrote the other day about publishing in biology.