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Archives for December, 2007

Last week I posted an image with two molecules (below the fold), one protein and one nucleic acid, and asked you about the probability of finding similar molecules in different species. You gave me some interesting answers.

GloFish® really glow!

Reposted in honor of the “glow in the dark” kitty clones. Last year, I wrote about photographs of jellyfish that were altered by newspapers, scientific publishers, science education companies, and me (for the purpose of the article) to make it look like the jellyfish glowed. Those jellyfish do NOT glow. Those images lie or at…

From the original lolcats: moar funny pictures

This is a-mewsing. (Photo Credit: Gyeongsang National University) When Genetic Savings and Clone shut their doors it looked like wishful cat owners were going to be out of luck and short of kittens.

I dreamed I was memed

And I was. It was the dreaded Seven Random and Weird things meme! It’s on the loose and I’ve been tagged. The rules are: Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog. Share 7 random and or weird things about yourself. Tag 7 random people at the end of…

And speaking of dogs

These people have dogs and won the contest. What contest? I suggest you take a look.

Lots of new and curious gift selections are available this year for those of you who had a dog or know a dog owner. All kinds of interesting doggie presents are showing up, like doggie DNA tests and special nutrigenomic doggy diets. And of course, nothing tops the gift of fake testicles for the dog…

This is a fun puzzle. The pink molecule is a protein and the other molecule is a nucleic acid.

I know it’s strange! I never thought I would actually go to web sites (intentionally!) to watch computer ads. But the Mac guy is so cute! And the ads with Mac and PC are sooo funny! I think these little film clips rank right up there with Steven Colbert and The Office. What think you?

or E. coli, or perhaps a little Giardia (just to loosen things up, of course), or maybe even Herpes. All these scary pathogens become works of art, when Infectious Awareables puts the images on neckties. And what could be funnier than a pair of boxer shorts full of Gonorrhea?