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After reading Kevin C.’s question in the comments on my last antibiotic post, I decided to look into this question a bit further. As far as I can tell, most of the commercially producted antibiotics are made by bacteria, fungi, and a bit chemistry (more on that in a moment). It appears, however, that compounds…

This is multipart series on antibiotic resistance in bacteria. Check out the previous bits: 1. A primer on antibiotic resistance 2. Natural vs. synthetic drugs Eventually, we’ll reach the ways in which bacteria develop antibiotic resistance, but before we get there, we’ll spend a little more time on antibiotics themselves.

In which I present a quick guide for the omically challenged and a defense of ‘arth and “ome.”

What’s the difference between a synthetic drug and an antibiotic? Sometimes there’s no difference at all. Let’s take a look at chloramphenicol and couple of pencillins.

Antibiotics are molecules of biological warfare. Produced by bacteria and some fungi, in response to extracellular signals, antibiotics represent a diverse group of compounds that inhibit bacterial growth at different points and different stages of the life cycle. We will get around to antibiotic resistance, but in these few words, I think I already wrote…