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Two protein structures from an avian influenza virus are shown below. One form of the protein makes influenza virus resistant to Oseltamivir (Tamiflu®) Don’t worry, these proteins aren’t from H5N1, but they do come from a related influenza virus that also infects birds. technorati tags: molecular models, protein structures, influenza, bioinformatics, Cn3D

It could be geosmin.

Last Friday, we had another in the series of weird DNA structures. (You can see the first here). I asked the audience to identify the unusual feature in this molecule. Here’s the first picture: tags: DNA structure, DNA , molecular structure, biochemistry Here’s the answer:

I’ve had some requests for some more molecular puzzles since the last one that I posted (see A DNA puzzle ). One person liked it so much he even blogged about it. So, here’s one for you to chew on over the weekend. This puzzle is a variation of an activity in Exploring DNA Structure,…

The wind storms and heavy rains that hit Seattle recently, demonstrated why a bypass mechanism can be a helpful thing – for both bacteria and motorists. Under the bridge on Mercer, from the Seattle Times

What’s the difference between a synthetic drug and an antibiotic? Sometimes there’s no difference at all. Let’s take a look at chloramphenicol and couple of pencillins.

Bored on Thanksgiving?

If you’re still awake tomorrow after the feast and managing to withstand the sopoforic effects of the tryptophan from the turkey and the carbohydrates from the potatoes and pie, you might want to consider doing a little science at home. Fellow SciBlings Tara Smith (here & here), Mike Dunford (here & here), GrrlScientist, and I…

Awhile back Chemical & Engineering News published a fascinating article called “The Secret Life of Plant Crystals” with some wonderful photos of calcium oxalate crystals. Special cells (called “idioblasts”) produce these crystals, with shapes that are unique to each type of plant.

Modified from the original post. Playing around with molecular structures is one of the more entertaining activities that you can do with digital biology. I’ve become totally entranced with molecular structures, both because they’re a fascinating art form and because every structure has its own story. I learned this because I ended up writing 69…

Reposted and slightly modified from Classic DigitalBio. Some people say that science takes the magic out of everyday life. Not me! I’ve learned some things by reading Science (1) that might give some people nightmares, especially young children. Remember that scene in “The Wizard of Oz” when the trees get ticked off and start hurling…