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I made this video last night with a Flip Cam Mino. There are some kind of wild trippy effects. Sometimes it even looks like there’s popcorn shooting out the top of the space needle. It was sure fun! Happy New Year everyone! technorati tags: fireworks, Seattle, New Year’s Eve, Space Needle

Would you recognize your leftovers when they’re magnified? Would you know turkey if you saw it at 40X? Make a guess and click an image to see the answer. Reposted from DigitalBio’s greatest hit collection technorati tags: Thanksgiving, food science, microscopy

Thanksgiving is a holiday (in the U.S. at least) when we’re all reminded about the things we’re thankful for. At our house, we’re thankful for the opportunity to cook all day and share a meal with friends and young adults. And, even though I haven’t given my turkey an IP address, this is still a…

If you’re not cooking today, why not experiment? Here’s something fun you can do with Mentos and Diet Coke – and for those of you who think these experiments are too messy, you can still watch the movie. Enjoy the music in the video, then go outside, and enjoy the show. Later, go to EepyBird.com…

Our household is very excited about Thanksgiving. That’s because this Thanksgiving, my husband is cooking a turkey in an egg. A big green egg. Check back later today, about 5:30 pm, Pacific Standard Time, to see a picture of the turkey. In the meantime, here are some other items that were cooked in the egg.

A Thanksgiving mash-up

I suppose I should have expected this. I thought it might be fun to see what the databases had to say about turkeys. Technorati Tags: Thanksgiving,, turkey,, mash-up

but the red berries are RNA. Picture below the fold.

There are tears of joy and relief in my eyes. It’s like the most emotional New Year’s Eve in my life. My neighbors are even shooting off fireworks! Mr. McCain’s speech was wonderful. Let’s move forward! Update: I am watching Mr. Obama now on TV with tears in my eyes. I have never been so…

My funny Valentine

Believe it or not, this is a DNA kiss.

You’re not likely to see the Twisted Chipmunk Christmas Song on the big screen this weekend. But, if you liked White Trash Christmas, you’ll enjoy this irreverent holiday video. From the Seattle animators, formerly known as ToonedIn, now Global Wonder Entertainment.