Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Georgia wants to ban the word “evolution” from science classes, replacing it instead with “biological changes over time”. The superintendant of schools, Kathy Cox, claims that she wants to do this because the word “evolution” has become such a controversial buzzword that perhaps replacing the term while continuing to teach the substance of the theory will avoid controversy. And if you believe that, I’ve got a bridge to sell you. First, Kathy Cox is on record when she ran for her position as being in favor of teaching “competing theories” – which is itself a buzzword for the same kind of dual model approach that has been repeatedly smacked down in court. Second, and more importantly, if she’s telling the truth about her motivations it would prove that she is far too stupid to have the job she has.

Think about what she wants you to believe. She wants you to believe that she came up with this brilliant idea to avoid controversy arising from the opposition of anti-evolutionists by continuing to teach the same thing, but under a different name. And to insure that such controversy would be avoided, she called a news conference to announce this sneaky little plan to the world. I think we’ll file this in the folder marked Oceanfront Property in Missouri.

John Scalzi has an excellent post on the subject on his blog. Check it out.