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Evangelicals Mad at Bush?

The Washington Times is reporting that conservative evangelical Christians are upset at President Bush for a wide variety of supposed offenses. Such religious right luminaries as Gary Bauer and Donald Wildmon are sending up warning signals that evangelicals may just decide to stay home on election day because Bush hasn’t inspired their faith in him. The mind absolutely boggles, doesn’t it? Supporting a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, virtually ending stem cell research in the US, pushing through faith-based initiatives (by executive order in some cases), ranting in his state of the union speech about those damned liberal judges “legislating from the bench”, nominating a steady stream of stridently right-wing judges, naming an attorney general who used to record gospel albums and wants to cover up every bare breast he can find, and declaring war on everything that isn’t a fetus….that’s not enough for these folks? I shudder to think what would happen if someone they are enthusiastic about gets elected!


  1. #1 egomedic
    February 20, 2004

    They act like spoiled kids who can never be satisfied with what has come before. They are unable to see a glass half full…….it truly would seal Bush’s fate if the religious right stayed home on Election Day, because he has spent his Presidency playing to them.

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