Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Leiter Gets the JoMo Challenge

Well this was predictable. Say something in defense of evolution and one thing you can count on is Batman The Lone Ranger The Cisco Kid Inspector Cluseau Joseph Mastrapaolo and his faithful assistant Tonto Cato Poncho Robin Karl Priest showing up to issue the “Life Science Challenge”. Brian Leiter is the latest.

The Life Science Challenge is basically a $10,000 bet on whether you can prove in a court of law that creationism is religion and evolution is science. Never mind that this challenge has actually been answered in court twice, McLean v Arkansas and Edwards v Aguillard, and the ruling came down in our favor both times. We wouldn’t want something like reality to interrupt their perfectly good idiotic screed, would we?

I’ve already shredded the JoMo challenge here, here, here, and here. JoMo and Priest are sort of the court jesters of creationism and they’re taken about that seriously. Congratulations Brian, you’ve now been added to their dreaded “Debate Dodgers List”. You’re in good company though. We’re thinking about having a JoMo Debate Dodgers Convention in Dayton, Tennessee.