Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Two New Blogs to Read

The first is Stranger Fruit, a blog by John Lynch, a professor at Barrett Honors College at Arizona State University. Looks like it will be a very valuable resource for information about evolution.

The second is the Evolution Blog. This blog is actually older than mine, but I just found it. It’s written by Jason Rosenhouse, a professor of mathematics at James Madison University. So he’s immediately one of my favorites both because of his defense of evolution and for teaching at a university named for my favorite founding father. His articles have appeared frequently in Skeptic and Free Inquiry, and he has written extensively on evolution and ID, including one article entitled “How Anti-evolutionists Abuse Mathematics“. Definitely worth checking out.


  1. #1 john lynch
    March 21, 2004

    I guess now I have to post stuff! Thanks Ed 🙂

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