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Watching C-Span

Is there anything scarier than watching C-Span when they have live call-in shows? There are apparently a lot of insane people sitting in their apartments with C-Span on speed dial, just praying for an opportunity to spew their personal pet peeves at the world for 30 seconds. There appears to be some sort of time warp between the people in the studio and the people on the phone. They’ve got a columnist on this morning talking about railway safety, but Ernie from West Virginia, who has been trying to get through since Thursday, doesn’t care. He has something to say in response to Mildred from Oregon, who called in last week to talk about orgies at the UN building (during a discussion of diversity on college campuses, I’m sure), and nothing is going to stop him from saying it.

This morning they had on David Brooks, a columnist for the New York Times, and they were talking about the war in Iraq. Some good ol’ boy from who knows where, who had probably been on hold since 1986, called in to rant about Mel Gibson’s movie and “Jew-controlled Hollywood”. I wish I was making this up. I wish this was a Saturday Night Live parody. But it’s not. This is America, where these people are eligible to vote. Frightening.


  1. #1 Lynn
    March 21, 2004

    My dear Ed, why would you be shocked by that stupid call in show when you can call in and ask Sue (a 70 plus year old) anything at all about sex and she will answer? Also Ed, after reading in your blog about the commissioners in Rhea County Tennessee not realizing (supposedly) that they are voting to ban homosexuals from there should prove to you just how dumb people really can be. Actually I find it all rather amusing LOL

  2. #2 Ed Brayton
    March 21, 2004

    Oh I’m not shocked by it. I just enjoy making fun of idiocy.

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