Dispatches from the Creation Wars


I have been so unbelievably swamped with everything going on at The Panda’s Thumb, the new group science blog, that I haven’t posted anything here. I’m not letting this blog go by the wayside, I promise. Things have absolutely exploded with the new blog though. We got mentioned by a couple big blogs yesterday and were absolutely overrun with visits. At 5:15, Wes Elsberry sent an e-mail out saying, “Hey, we’re at 700 hits on our second day. This is incredible.” Well within 2 hours, we had tripled that and it hasn’t stopped since. On our third day of operation, we’re at nearly 7000 hits and climbing. Yesterday it was the 15th most referred to blog in the world, according to Blogdex. The response has been absolutely mindblowing.

I want to say thanks to the brilliant cast of contributors we put together in such a short time, and to the bloggers who have relentlessly referred readers to us over the last couple days. I expect things to settle down a bit and I’ll get back to regularly posting here in the next day or two. In the meantime, go over to The Panda’s Thumb, order a Burgess Shale Ale or a Protostome Pilsner, and enjoy the conversation.