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I’m very disappointed to see Bill Wallo join Rusty in insulting all of his fellow Christians who are theistic evolutionists. He, too, cites John West’s NRO article, particularly the section wherein the Understanding Evolution website points out that evolution is not necessarily incompatible with Christianity, then says:

As West notes, the use of these religious “useful idiots” is part of a concerted strategy by NCSE (and other similarly situated groups) to “defuse skepticism of neo-Darwinism.”

This is truly astonishing to me. Does Wallo really think that Howard Van Till, Ken Miller, Glenn Morton, Charles Austerberry, Keith Miller, Davis Young, Wes Elsberry, Rob Pennock, and millions of other theists and Christians who accept evolution are all idiots who are too dull to realize that they’re being “used” by those big bad evil atheists like Genie Scott? I dare say that these men know far more about evolution than Bill Wallo will ever know in his lifetime, yet he casually dismisses them as easily manipulated idiots, along with, quite literally, millions of his fellow Christians. Is it possible that he doesn’t realize how incredibly offensive and insulting that is? Is it possible that he doesn’t realize how irrational it is?

He continues:

Eugenie Scott, the executive director of the NCSE, is a signator on the “Humanist Manifesto III,” which proclaims that “humans are . . . the result of unguided evolutionary change.” Clearly, she, and many others within NCSE, have no faith in a Divine Being of any sort whatsoever.

And he’s right, Genie is not a theist. But so what? Others in the NCSE are. Wes Elsberry is a Christian. Josephine Borgeson is a Christian, and the author of the congregational study guides for the PBS evolution series. Phil Spieth is a Christian. All of these are NCSE staff members. Evolution advocates come from a wide spectrum of different beliefs – atheist, agnostic, deist, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu and Muslim. Creationists and ID advocates are almost uniformly evangelical Christian, with a Moonie thrown in. Yet the IDCs are absolutely frantic to tie evolution to one single position on religious matters, and they are apparently shameless enough to do so with a straight face.

Follow up: I received an e-mail from Bill Wallo in which he said that he did not really intend to portray theistic evolutionists as “idiots”, but merely as “apologists for naturalistic evolutionists”. He also said that he was feeling “confrontational” when he wrote that and that he intended to incite more comments from readers with this inflammatory remark. While Bill has always been a fairly reasonable guy in our discussions, even when I think he’s wrong, I just have a hard time believing that he could write what he wrote and think that it was NOT insulting and offensive to his fellow Christians who accept evolution.


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    April 7, 2004

    Well, you probably shouldn’t look at NC this morning then, because Rusty is writing up a storm on more evo and the inconsistency of same with his version of religion.


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