Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Praising Bill Wallo

A few days ago I took Bill Wallo to task for a post on his blog referring to theistic evolutionists as “useful idiots”. Having spent a fair bit of time reading his blog, however, I should, in the interests of fairness, point out that Walloworld is well worth reading. He’s a very bright guy, and though a relatively conservative Christian, tends to take a more reasonable view on most of the hot button issues for the religious right.

For example, on Judge Roy Moore in Alabama, and on the subject of religious symbols in state buildings and America’s religious history in general, Bill takes a very nuanced and reasonable position. And on the subject of the ban on religious symbols in French schools, I am in 100% agreement with him, as I’ve ranted about many times on this page. I also agree with his position on the death penalty completely. I don’t have a moral problem with putting someone guilty of murder or even rape to death, but I don’t think our system is nearly good enough to risk the false convictions for such a final penalty. All in all, I think Bill Wallo’s page is very much worth reading despite our disagreements on other things.


  1. #1 Bill Wallo
    April 10, 2004

    Why, thanks, Ed. I find the Dispatches page an interesting read as well. If I ever get my blog working properly again I’ll even say so (the hosting company got hit with a DOS attack yesterday, and while my site is up and running somehow my database for the blog got whacked, so that I’ve lost about 900 entries – hopefully, I’ll find ’em).

  2. #2 raj
    April 13, 2004

    Another problem with the death penalty: prosecutors have far too much prosecutorial discretion in charging. That would allow for far too much bias in the process of deciding whether to even ask for a charge that might lead to a death penalty.

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