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I haven’t written much lately, because I’ve been very busy. I just built a new computer last night, but I’m not using it to type this. I have to run some network cable in my house before it’s ready to use and I’m still tweaking. It’s a screaming machine, a huge step up in speed from the old one. I can actually watch DVDs and have the sound and the video match each other now. Anyway, some random thoughts while reading today’s news. Two stories that have to do with succeeding your boss…

Jim Cantalupo, the CEO of McDonalds, died today of an apparent heart attack. Rumor has it his widow is filing a suit against the company to blame them for his high fat diet. Charlie Bell, an Australian, was named his successor immediately. Mr. Bell expressed how grateful he was not to have to wear the paper hat and clean the french fry stand anymore.

In related news, new Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal on Monday called on Arabs and Muslims to defeat the US and Israel in a holy war. Anyone wanna place an over/under on how long this guy lives? How’d you like to be next in the line of succession for THAT job? I wonder how much their group health plan costs per month.


  1. #1 Ken Hall
    April 20, 2004

    Okay, iowahawk, what did you do with Ed? 🙂

  2. #2 Ed Brayton
    April 20, 2004

    Hmmm. I’m afraid you lost me on that one, Ken. Who is iowahawk?

    Reading between the lines, I’m assuming you find something surprising about what I said in this post. Out of curiosity, what was it?

  3. #3 Ken Hall
    April 20, 2004

    That’ll teach me to try to be funny on someone else’s blog, never mind my own.

    The surprising thing was that I understood it on the first reading. Due to the angle of my forehead, that doesn’t always happen. 😉 The perception I formed (early on) of this blog is the detailed posts on evolution; that’s how I tend to think of it.

    I referenced Iowahawk because the post reminded me a little of some of his material. See Iowahawk.

  4. #4 Ed Brayton
    April 20, 2004

    Oh, great. Now you’ve given me another amusing blog to read. Don’t you realize some of us have lives? Well, potential ones at least.

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