Dispatches from the Creation Wars

The Meaningless Martyr Prose

This is amusing. A blog called ChristWeb has a post on the Justice Department intervening on behalf of a Muslim girl who was told by her school that she couldn’t wear her headscarf. They correctly informed the school that the student had the right to wear religious clothing in schools. You’d think one would be happy about that, but not to this person. He writes, in predictable fashion,

So if a school suspends a Muslim for wearing a head scarf, the US Justice Deparment will intervene. But when Christians are suspended for wearing articles of clothing voices their religion, and are suspended, where is the Justice Department?

Well obviously, John Ashcroft is a politically correct, anti-Christian bigot. Wait, Ashcroft is a fundamentalist Christian himself? Hmmmm. Could McCaskill be full of it?

It seems as though the separation of Church and State is meant only for the Christian Church.