Dispatches from the Creation Wars

His name is Scott Thomas and he apparently is another right wing radio host. He wrote this obnoxious piece of falsely patriotic bullshit, which includes this statement:

Patriotism in the United States is loving God and country — in that order — and appreciating the blessing it is to live in freedom. Patriotism is acknowledging and showing our appreciation to God for the blessing of freedom by taking care of this country, participating fully in that freedom, and wholeheartedly, without reservation, supporting those who are willing to fight and die to protect those freedoms.

Let me be clear on this. I do not think you can fully be a true American patriot without first loving the God who blesses this nation.

Well Scott, since I let you be clear on that, let me be clear on it – you’re a fucking idiot. Sure, I could sit here and deconstruct this argument bit by bit and show why it’s not only false, but dangerous and inimical to the principles on which the nation was founded. I could even pull up quotes from the founding fathers to support my argument. But as Jonathan Swift said, “It is impossible to reason someone out of something that he did not reason himself into in the first place.” I would have an easier time teaching a card trick to a dog than I would talking sense to Scott Thomas, who appears to be some sort of lab experiment in artificial stupidity. I believe in God, Scott. I just don’t think he has much use for people who are so stupid they would be out of their depth in a mud puddle.

What do you wanna bet that Mr. Thomas was effusively praising the patriotism of Pat Tillman when he was killed in Afghanistan? Guess what, Scott? Pat Tillman was an unbeliever. How do you take your crow, boiled or fried?

Scott, when your IQ hits 8, you should sell.


  1. #1 Kurt Haslbauer
    June 4, 2004

    LMAO – I think “appears to be some sort of lab experiment in artificial stupidity” is the best turn of a phrase I’ve seen in months. Also, kudos on the Swift quote. I’ve long believed that there’s virtually no situation that can’t be adequately summed up with a quote from Swift or Thomas Paine (or both).

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