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The Moon Coronation story, which I covered here previously, has finally been picked up by the mainstream media in the last couple weeks. The New York Times, Washington Post, ABCNews, BET, the Pittsburg Post Gazette and the Boston Globe have all picked up the story. The articles range in their accuracy and perspective. The BET article is excellent, while the Boston Globe article is little more than a fawning piece about how everyone likes the Moonies now.

True to form, of course, the Moonies are spinning the coronation as proof that America is now bowing before Moon:

The “outside” view of the Capitol Hill event was that Father received a crown, an award for his years of dedication and leadership in reconciliation and peacemaking. The “inside” view of the event was that America surrendered to True Parents in the king’s position… It is only now, after Father’s 30 years of investment in America, through America recognizing him as king, that his investment is for “his America.” This was a very emotional moment for Father because only now, after all these years of investing his blood, sweat and tears, that he is beginning to see “his” America responding.

By the way, if you want to see a list of all of the hundreds of front groups that Moon uses to push his agenda, go here. Notice how most of them have innocuous sounding names like American Constitution Committee, American Family Coalition and Freedom Leadership Foundation?

As usual, most of the credit for breaking this story has to go to John Gorenfeld, who has been dogged in his determination to get this story out to the masses. I part company with John just slightly, however, in my own personal views. John says, “This blog is not here to make fun of the deeply-held religious beliefs of Unification Church members. And I don’t have anything personally against Reverend Moon.” While I understand why he says that, I refuse to take that stand myself. I very much have something against Reverend Moon and I think the religious beliefs of his followers, however deeply held, are borderline insane and very, very dangerous.

Moon is a messianic fascist. Can you imagine anything more dangerous to human freedom than someone who views himself as the Messiah and talks about purging the human race of undesirables? I can. How about that same person with political power to institute his insane plan? Moon’s mostly secretive but highly effective campaign to buy political influence in the US must be exposed and it must be stopped. If he is ever allowed to gain power, he will make the final solution seem like a weekend drinking binge by comparison. And those who follow him, no matter how sincere their beliefs may be, are aiding and abetting this potential tragedy. I will no more express “respect” for their views than I would respect those who were whooped up by the maniacal ravings of Hitler or Stalin.


  1. #1 Lynn
    June 27, 2004

    It is beyond me why Americans aren’t furious about this crock that Moon is doing. He is raping the people and they don’t seem to care.
    If the average Joe were to make the claims he makes they would be laughed out of town or put in an institution.
    How dare our elected politicians go to his coronation. They are out of their minds.
    The so called REV. Moon is more dangerous than the terrorist our administration is so actively seeking.

  2. #2 K. Gordon Neufeld
    June 28, 2004

    I can sympathize with this blog’s highly critical views of Moon personally and of his followers’ religious beliefs. Ironically, I was myself once a follower of Sun Myung Moon. I can therefore readily imagine how the Unification Church members are reacting to this criticism. They tend to automatically reach for a simplistic label to stick on their critics: they consider them “bigots”. That is, they allege that those who are strongly critical of Moon feel that way because they have a problem with Moon’s race (Oriental, Korean) or with Moon’s religion (an heretical offshoot of Christianity). But this argument is disingenous. The real reason people are critical of Moon is because he makes highly offensive public statements, uses his wealth to buy influence, allows his Japanese followers to defraud people by making false claims about the spiritual merits of trinkets they sell, and compells his followers to mainly live in poor conditions while he himself lives in wealth and frequently goes to Las Vegas. Compared to these problems, Moon’s race and religion are non-issues.

  3. #3 R. Nydam
    July 1, 2004

    Moon, like many of his ilk rely, no, depend upon the theological ignorance of their believers. Regardless of your beliefs, the Bible as a basis for Christianity, clearly identifies all like Moon as consumate frauds who are highly dangerous in their generation. He warps basic cultural understanding of this religion for his own twisted, selfish and completely un-Christ-like desires and ambitions.

    This man is volatile and on the edge of a break (if one can imagine someone going further than he has gone from reality). Like his favorite historical examples, Hitler and Stalin, he is considered crazy, but overall harmless. The potential is ignored and the disease is allowed to grow in strength. strength in finances, influence both political and social, and strength in numbers.

    The process is slow at first, like many things in nature. Then as momentum gains, and critical mass is reached it springs on the world in a hideous way. That is what is close to hapening with this maniac.

    When a dangerous ego like this begns to infer broad and valid support from the mainstream he is attempting to overthrow, he can be made to feel as if he now owns the mainstream. This is when all moral and ethical filters are shattered and the unimaginable is set loose.

    The odd becomes crazy. The crazy becomes publically humiliated. The humiliated slip beneath the surface of the social conscious and quietly festers. It slowly gains followers, influence and power, all out of the public eye. Power and influence are political food. soon the odd is eccentric and desirable. The fox is then in the hen house. Disaster is inevitable.

    Hitler and Stalin both followed similar paths. Moon was wrong about one thing, though. They never learned their lesson and they will never be reborn. Moon learned a lesson from their bloody choices and has opted for a more subtle, incremental approach to seizing power and pushing an agenda. The parallels are undeniable and should cause every American to shudder.

    Please write your representatives to express your shock and outrage over our elected officials paying homage to a cult zealot. Make this fraud and lunatic a politcal pariah that no one wants to get near.

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