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George Stallings and Rev. Moon

John Gorenfeld was on the radio this morning in Detroit (click here to listen to the show), along with the Rev. George Stallings. For those of you not familiar with Rev. George Stallings, he is a maverick former Catholic priest who quit the priesthood and established his own quasi-Catholic church called Imani Temple. He did so after he was accused of molesting a former altar boy in 1989 and his bishop requested that he go into treatment, after which he split away from the church and started his own denomination. It was a strange mix of Afrocentric politics and Catholicism, which has now morphed into something Moonie-centric. Most recently, he has been pushing Moon’s campaign to remove crosses from Christian churches, angering many Christian leaders.

The one thing that jumps out at you while you listen to Stallings speak on the radio about Moon is that, to be blunt, the man is an absolute fraud. He has the glib huckster’s speech patterns down pat, but his arguments are utter nonsense. He claims that Moon “loves gays”. Mind you, Moon calls gays “dung eating dogs” and says that they will all be destroyed when he rules the world at God’s request. But he loves them. And if you buy that, then you are either astonishingly stupid, or insane. He compares Moon to Jesus himself, and claims that all of the vile things that Moon has said in his speeches are just translation problems. I submit to you that anyone who could say that with a straight face is a con man, plain and simple.


  1. #1 ~DS~
    June 29, 2004

    Oh. My. F*cking. God. It’s getting downright scary.

  2. #2 venesha
    July 20, 2004

    anyone who uses the name of god like this stallings guy to further is own pompus point of view is damned to hell . i hope people arent nieve enough to follow this madman.

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