Dispatches from the Creation Wars

These are taken from a speech that Moon gave at a graduation for his seminary students in the US in 1993:

My enemies are America and Christianity. How am I going to win over those enemies. God’s way is to get hit and win. Everybody opposed Father but I do not hate those who opposed me. It is natural for the world to go against me.

Just think of it, I came to take over and discard the old evil ways. People do not like that. But no matter how many people oppose Rev. Moon God is on His side. Father is in the USA not for revenge but to serve.

Father loved the USA, Russia and even North Korea. Father has truly loved His enemies to the ultimate degree. Satan has to bow down to Father because he can no longer complain about not being loved. Father truly is the model of how to love the enemy.

Father established a lot of projects like the ACC and USA (United to Save America) to save this nation. You Americans must love and sacrifice more for this nation than Father did. But many came only to the movement to exploit it. Now Father is stepping back to let Americans take over.

Bush received much from Father but Bush did not respond. Look at where he is now, he is done. Republicans’ only hope is to unite with Father. Father spent much of His resources here in America, for whom? There are only a few white people in the world but 3.2 billion of the yellow race.

Father invested much money here in the USA and the seminary. This is a true example of loving the enemy. Now that Christianity has failed we have established a “New Christianity” under the Unification Church. We must pull the Christians out of their churches and bring them to the New Christianity.

Europe, Russia, China and Korea are all under Father. If the USA does not respond Father will go to those countries.


  1. #1 Paige
    July 4, 2004

    “Europe, Russia, China and Korea are all under Father. If the USA does not respond Father will go to those countries.”

    We can only hope…

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