Dispatches from the Creation Wars

This morning’s Worldnutdaily includes a prominent front page headline, Kerry Silent on Beijing Photo. The headline links to an article in Insight Magazine about John Kerry taking a privately sponsored trip to promote trade in China in the late 1990s. Hardly unusual, of course, and the president’s own brother Neil has been taking such trips (and getting hookers sent to his room while doing it). But the implication is, of course, “Kerry in bed with godless commies”. But here’s what is so funny about this. Remember that Joseph Farah, the owner of Worldnutdaily, just a few weeks ago was telling us how, more than a decade ago, he resolved not to do anything that might lend credibility to Reverend Moon:

Imagine my shock, as I read along in the translation to learn that Moon was saying that night that indeed he was the messiah. I was embarrassed to find myself sitting behind this man, perhaps, even, in some small way, lending credibility to his preposterous claims.

It was a lesson to me at the time on just how easy it is to be compromised.

A lesson he obviously did not learn well, because he is still sharing content with Insight, a magazine owned entirely by Reverend Moon’s Unification Church. And he’s still pushing another Moon-owned publication as the “perfect weekly print companion” to the Worldnetdaily. But hey, as long as we’re doing guilt by association with communists, why not take a look at this article, which exposes how Reverend Moon’s Toen Trading Company has been selling Russian-made submarines and missile technology to North Korea.

But hey, why should Farah be worried about a little ol’ thing like lending credibility to an insane billionaire cult leader who thinks he’s the messiah and has been selling lethal weapons to the equally insane leader of North Korea, who may as a result be able to deliver nuclear weapons to American soil? That would stop him from tarring a candidate he doesn’t like, and we can’t have that, can we?


  1. #1 Lynn
    August 12, 2004

    Posting a comment here isn’t a problem as you see Jen.

  2. #2 K. Gordon Neufeld
    August 16, 2004

    Farah, like American conservatives generally who take Moon’s money, are simply being duped. I don’t believe Moon is a true conservative at all, despite the political stance of his newspaper. Moon founded the Washington Times as a ploy to gain influence in Washington, and he decided that he would be more likely to gain influence among conservatives, so that’s the way he decided to slant his newspaper. But in reality, Moon has no ideology apart from self-promotion. As proof, just consider how friendly Moon has been towards the neo-Stalinist regime of Kim Jong Il. In truth, Moon just wants to have power and influence, and doesn’t care from whom he gets it or what they believe. But Farah is too enamoured of Moon’s money to make the obvious connection and to recognize that he is being duped.

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