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Update on the New Digs

Until the typekey issue is sorted out, I’ve turned off comment moderation. I figure this is probably too new to attract the comment spammers anyway. I’m also having difficulty installing mt-blacklist, so any of you bloggers out there who have the new blacklist installed (version 2.0e, not the old 1.65 that only works with MT 2.x), help would be appreciated.

My friend Reed Cartwright of De Rerum Natura figured out that weird problem I was having with the paragraphs after a blockquote appearing double spaced. Turns out it wasn’t a stylesheet problem, it was my problem – apparently you have to use paragraph tags. On my old blog, I never used them and it always looked fine. So I just have to adjust how I enter text when writing an entry. I edited the existing posts below and, lo and behold, they look right now. Thanks for the help, Reed.


  1. #1 Karl Lembke
    August 23, 2004

    For what it’s worth, the blog, “dust in the light” has a trick to screen out spam comments. It requires the poster to correctly recognize and respond to a visual image before the post is accepted.

  2. #2 Karl Lembke
    August 23, 2004

    “Dust in the light” is at this URL (dustinthelight.timshelarts.com)

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