Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Woohoo, Dispatches Makes the Cut

Jason Kuznicki, the Grand Poobah of Positive Liberty, has decided to shorten his blogroll for the sake of aesthetics and intellectual clarity, and went through a difficult culling process (described here) that presumably involved goat entrails and a ouija board. I’m proud to announce that Dispatches from the Culture Wars made the cut. Contrary to the current rumors going around, I did not have to promise him either my copy of the Kathy Lee Gifford Christmas Album or my signed Jim and Tammy Bakker PTL Club Partner Bible.

P.S. As a fun side game, guess which of those two items I really do own.


  1. #1 MightyLambchop
    August 30, 2004

    I’m going with the bible. It’s slightly less painful than Kathie Lee’s singing.

  2. #2 Ed Brayton
    August 30, 2004

    LOL. And it’s true. I actually do own a signed Jim and Tammy Bakker bible. It was a gift from my stepmother when I was 16. I actually do rather prize this possession.

  3. #3 Jason Kuznicki
    August 30, 2004

    Sheesh… The way people have reacted to my decisions, you’d think that *I* was the one giving away Jim & Tammy Bakker Bibles.

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