Dispatches from the Creation Wars

From Debbie Daniels’ fawning religiobabble article about President Bush at intellectualconservative.com:

George Bush is no ordinary man. It is because of his deep faith in God that he’s been able to withstand the vile attacks by seemingly everyone…

He’s been knocked by one of the big three networks; the billion dollar bank account of George Soros (a.k.a. Moveon.org); many foreign leaders who have been quoted saying: “We don’t want George Bush to win;” the Communist Party of America; the Atheists; the Agnostics; the National Association of Women; Hollywood’s Paparazzi; the Gay Community; the NAACP; protesters who hold signs that read: “Where’s John Hinkley when you need him?;” a $20 million plus movie, Fahrenheit 9/11, that drags George Bush through the mud, and who knows who else will step up and say: “We do not want George Bush for President.”

You gotta love her putting “Hollywood’s Paparazzi” on the list. Did some union of entertainment photographers I’m not aware of endorse Kerry, or is Ms. Daniels just using words she doesn’t know the meaning of? I’m guessing the latter. And I’m disappointed that she listed “the atheists” and “the agnostics”, as though all atheists and agnostics have a common political position, but leaves out us deists! No respect, I tell ya, no respect at all. And remember, this drivel is from the intellectual conservatives.


  1. #1 Grumpy
    September 28, 2004

    Wait… I don’t get it.

    Is Bush’s faith in God the quality of his character which allows him to resist constant put-downs from “disingenous filmmakers” and assorted villains? How is that different from Bill Clinton’s superhuman randiness, which enabled him to resist calls for resignation, when a more humble and less horny mortal might have wilted?

    Or, am I to believe that God Himself is watching over George W. Bush, using His mighty hand to deflect the attacks lobbed at the man who happens to be POTUS?

  2. #2 NBarnes
    September 28, 2004

    The National Associated for Women? I don’t think I’m familiar with NAW…

  3. #3 ~DS~
    September 28, 2004

    LOL good catch NBarnes.

  4. #4 OGeorge
    September 28, 2004

    Maybe God IS watching out for Mr. Bush. The quality of George W’s character and intellect is just fine for the owner of a rib joint or a car dealership. The fact that so many Americans can’t see that without his parents and rich kid contacts he’d be just another former C student with a Wendy’s franchise, is scary. There is of course, nothing wrong with having a Wendy’s franchise or the other businesses I’ve mentioned, but we’re talking about being President of the United States. As Clint Eastwood once said “A man’s got to know his limitations”.

    What I find most annoying about dear Debbie’s defense of George W, is that in a country overwhelmingly Christian, she makes it sound like Mr. Bush is somehow a member of an oppressed minority.

  5. #5 theEnvoy
    September 28, 2004

    What always astounds me, is the fact that the religious right always denies the “Liberal Media”, completely ignoring the fact that they are fortune 500 companies just trying to maximize revenue. T and A sells. If I wrote against Capitalism, well, they would sing a different tale.

  6. #6 Matthew Phillips
    September 30, 2004

    I was especially impressed with the mentioning of the communist party because, you know, the communist party has a long history of supporting republican candidates, and are really overstepping precedent to attack a republican this time.

    Ohh, that’s right, he’s referring to the democratic party.

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