Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Know Your Creationists, Part 2

DarkSyde has the second installment of the Know Your Intelligent Design Creationists series up at Unscrewing the Inscrutable. This one focuses on a couple of young earthers, Carl Baugh and my old pal Kent Hovind. While anyone with an IQ over room temperature, including most of their fellow creationists, looks at them as little more than carnival barkers on the scientific midway, they are among the most influential of all creationists. Baugh has a TV show on Christian networks around the country, while Hovind is tireless, traveling all around the nation to speak to packed churches and give his creation seminar almost constantly. Just a minor correction to the post…

DS paraphrases something I’ve said thusly: “Using the same criteria Hovind uses, I’ll wager my entire NetWorth and then some that no one can provide convincing evidence that decapitation is usually fatal.” I don’t recall ever using that particular analogy, though I like it. But what I have done is offered, repeatedly and publicly, to give Kent Hovind the same challenge, only for $1 million instead of $250,000. Using the same criteria he uses, I will give him $1 million if he can prove any empirical statement whatsoever, even his own existence. That offer has, of course, been greeted with dead silence. He knows he can’t accept it because it would show that his challenge is a fraud and so is he.