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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Not only is today Thanksgiving, it’s also the one year anniversary of this blog, which gives me something extra to be thankful for. In the last year, I’ve made some new friends because of this page and my life has been enriched in many ways. So to Dan, Timothy, Jon, Jason and many others, thanks for giving me so much to think about, for challenging me to think more clearly and more deeply, and for the praise that encourages me to continue. And thanks, of course, to Lynn, who was the one who pushed me to do it in the first place, and who has brightened my life in an infinite number of ways. Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

P.S. I call dibs on the couch after dinner.


  1. #1 Dan
    November 25, 2004

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Ed, and to Lynn, and to all the crew here. If you’re traveling this holiday, be safe.

    A special thanks to Ed for giving us this place to come together, to learn, to discuss and debate, and sometimes to disagree, but to do so agreeably. I learn something new every time I visit. I found a new friend here in Ed, and for that I’m a better person. I look forward to many years of interesting conversation and laughs.

    Ed, you can have the couch, but I get the remote.

  2. #2 Brent
    November 25, 2004

    Happy Thanksgiving, Ed. Congrats on the blog-birthday as well!

  3. #3 Jim Anderson
    November 25, 2004

    Hey, at least you remember your blogiversary… Happy Thanksgiving, Mr. Brayton. Yours is one of three blogs I visit every day and devour, even when I don’t comment.

  4. #4 Jason Kuznicki
    November 26, 2004

    Happy somewhat belated thanksgiving to you as well, Ed, and congratulations on your first blogiversary.

  5. #5 Jon Rowe
    November 26, 2004

    And thank you for all of your citations of my blog, which have brought a tremendous amount of readers my way.

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