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More Hypocrisy on Nazi comparisons

Greg Piper, who says he was associated with the Discovery Institute in the past, is joining forces with Casey Luskin and Seth Cooper (and Dean Esmay, for that matter) in their utterly dishonest campaign about Nazi comparisons from ID opponents. With his full approval, Mr. Piper quotes this statement from Seth Cooper, who works for the DI:

The Holocaust was a human horror of the first magnitude. One must hope that, particularly after the moving interview Luskin provides [with a supporter of the analogy], that the Darwin’s fiercest bulldogs will themselves have an attack of conscience and begin to re-think their rhetorical ploy, and that the media will likewise cease from letting such rhetoric go completely unchallenged in news accounts. Perhaps then the debate can return to the sufficiency of the scientific evidence for and against the competing scientific theories of neo-Darwinian evolution and intelligent design.

What nonsense. Why isn’t Cooper calling for an “attack of conscience” on the part of Stephen Meyer, Jonathan Wells, William Dembski and the many other ID advocates who have openly compared ID opponents and scientists to Nazis and Stalinists? Do you think it might have something to do with the fact that Meyer is his boss and the others work for the same think tank he works for? Nah, couldn’t be. They’re standing up to the horror of this “rhetorical ploy”….well, at least when others use it. When they use it, it’s just fine. For just a brief list of the dozens of times ID advocates have compared their opponents to Nazis and Stalinists, see here and here.


  1. #1 Gary Hurd
    January 9, 2005

    Since intelligent design creationists can not understand simple scientific realities I suppose that we can not expect them to understand simple comparisons either.

    Nobody I know, and certainly not myself, have called creationists Nazis. Creationists at the Discovery Institute have made comparisions of Nazis and Communists to scientists, and youngearthers such as those found at the Answers in Genesis gang attribute all possible immorality and depravity to scientists.

    My my, how they squeal.

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