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Update on Cupertino Lawsuit

The Alliance Defense Fund has apparently filed a modified complaint in the Steven Williams lawsuit in Cupertino. The new complaint includes a couple of other handouts that the principal wouldn’t allow Williams to hand out, both of them apparently with some historical problems of their own. ERiposte has posted an update to his response that includes a critique of those two new handouts. He also quotes from a letter sent from the ADF to one of the parents in the Cupertino school district, with the ADF saying:

“Some media reports have incorrectly characterized the lawsuit filed on behalf of teacher Stephen Williams against the Cupertino Union School District as challenging a complete ban by the school of the Declaration of Independence from the entire school. That characterization is wrong.”

Amusing, but quite off point. The inaccuracy in the media reports is not over the question of whether the Declaration was banned from one classroom or from the whole school, but whether it was banned at all. The truth, of course, is that it was not banned at all. It’s in the school’s history textbooks and full copies of the Declaration are posted in the school, including in Mr. Williams’ classroom. The ADF was the one who issued a press release when they filed the suit that was entitled “Declaration of Independence Banned From Classroom”, and now they are actually blaming the media for taking them seriously. I blame the media for taking them seriously too, but since that lie began with the ADF, it’s hardly credible for them to complain about it, now is it? It never ceases to amaze me that the same people who scream that there is no morality without their religious beliefs can behave so dishonestly.


  1. #1 SharonB
    February 7, 2005

    Hopefully the court will say the following to the LIARS at ADF:


  2. #2 Cupertino Mom
    February 7, 2005

    Thanks for the above article. The quote above is from an official ADF press release that, I believe, is only given to reporters who ask for it. It was reported in both the San Jose Mercury News and the Cupertino Courier, and it is posted at http://eriposte.com. The Cupertino Union School District has filed a Motion to Dismiss that will be ruled upon on March 28, 2005. It can be viewed at http://StevensCreekParents.com. It is too bad a dismissal won’t be broadcast at prime time on FOX news.

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